The Ashton Detroit!! Developers Plan Downtown’s First Freestanding Condo Complex in 20 Years!!

Courtesy of The Detroit News

Courtesy of The Detroit News

It seems that as soon as it came out that Downtown was running out of vacancies in housing units, new ones are being announced. The most recent being the Ashton Detroit, a new condo complex that will be the first in 20 years and will be located on West Lafayette, next to the WDIV Studios.

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“We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring more living space to downtown Detroit,” Means said in a news release. “This historic project will build upon the legacy of the former home of WWJ and Michigan AFSCME Council 25 by retaining the historic architecture. Our goal is to create exciting living spaces adjacent to the existing structure that will offer spectacular views of downtown, the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit River.”

Means is partnering with The Resendes Design Group and the Holdwick Development Group on the project. Means is also involved in the historic renovation and adaptive reuse of the Metropolitan Building downtown. The developers have several decades’ experience between the three groups.

Ashton units will have floor-to-ceiling windows. Three floors of the condo building will be used for parking for the office space and condos.

Five of the units will be penthouses. The complex will have a pool, fitness center and ground-floor retail space. Bowens said units will range from 1,500 square feet to 2,200 square feet; multiple units can be combined into one condo.

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$35M luxury condo complex planned in downtown Detroit

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