Take a look at the Restoration of Boston Edison’s Charles T. Fisher Mansion!!

Courtesy of Curbed Detroit

Courtesy of Curbed Detroit

With all the new development going on with in the city, it can be easy to over look some of the restorations of the existing architecture. One such restoration project is the Charles T, Fisher Mansion located in Detroit’s Historic Boston Edison District.

From the Curbed Detroit article.

The recently restored Solarium is filled with custom sized and colored Pewabic tile.Fisher-103.0 The hand-carved Italian marble fountain is the most recent restoration. Originally done in a 1920’s style, the room was updated to reflect a Mayan Aztec style presumably after the Fisher Theater was done. The Mayan
Aztec border was kept in the restoration, but the rest was brought to its 1920’s charm.

The carved limestone fireplace in the library depicts the four seasons. Maker’s marks are painted in many of the ceiling panels, believed to represent the craftsmen who built the home.

The breakfast room is the next great restoration undertaking. Conservationist Jennifer Lis recently uncovered some of the original artwork in the lattice work, which was covered by several coats of paint. She has Fisher-115.0uncovered and restored two of the fifty medallions so far. The rest of the room, including the ceiling, will be redone in time.

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Inside the Restoration of the Charles T. Fisher Mansion

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