Old Saint Mary School in Greektown to become new headquarters Jack Entertainment!!

Courtesy of WXYZ Channel 7

Courtesy of WXYZ Channel 7

For many years it seemed that only fate that awaited many of Detroit’s shuttered buildings was a date with the wrecking ball. But, with the city’s revival of the last several years, this is no longer the case. Many of the buildings are getting a new lease on life with the latest being the old Saint Mary’s School located in Detroit’s Greektown.

From the Channel 7 report

Jack Entertainment, the company that owns Greektown Casino, will be moving their headquarters into the building.

“We want to be here close to the energy of our property. Closer to the energy of Greektown,” said Matt Cullen, CEO of Jack Entertainment, said.

The building opened in 1868 and served many purposes.

But for the past 10 years, it has sat vacant, waiting for another transformation.

“Been empty for a long time. Be able to come back, $7 million investment and really transform it into that’s going to be relevant well into to future.”

Once construction is complete, the company is looking to move up to 150 administrative employees into the building.

“Keep all the excitement and historic piece of them but add a little new energy and vitality to make it work for today’s work environment.”

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Jack Entertainment to move into headquarters in the old Saint Mary School in Greektown

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