Look in the Sky!! Top of Book Tower Illuminated for the first time!!

Courtesy of the Detroit News

Courtesy of the Detroit News

You know that things are going good in Detroit when long dormant structures are showing signs of life. That just so happens to be the case with the Book Tower in downtown, which shined bright in the Detroit sky Wednesday night.

From the Detroit News article

Visitors to downtown Detroit noticed a remarkable sight when gazing up at the skyline Wednesday night: the top of the historic Book Tower illuminated in light for the first time.

The ornate copper roof of the structure soaring above Washington Boulevard stood out among the other high-rises against the night sky, which passersby immediately noted on social media.

“So exciting…3 years ago I moved downtown and told people we will know Detroit has turned around when the Book Tower is renovated and lit up, and there is a new sky scraper in the skyline…part way there,” one user wrote on the Bedrock Real Estate Services Facebook page.

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Detroit’s Book Tower lights up night sky

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