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Aaron Letrick is an accomplished singer/song writer/musician from Fraser, Mi. He has performed in numerous bands over the years showcase various styles music. We hope you enjoy our sit down interview with him.

How long have you been a singer/musician?301304_10151342202189067_184823495_n

I’ve been singing since I was a tiny child. Mom sings like Streisand and we grew up with music constantly on. I played rock star from a very young age as documented in the All I Need video but I actually started out as a drummer!

What made you decide to get in to music?

It wasn’t a decision it was a natural progression. I used to stare at the drums in the Sears catalog for hours dreaming about getting to play them one day. My Grandfather on Moms side was a musician and I guess it was in my DNA to go that route. Music just really IMG_3279moved me.

You have performed many different styles of music. Which one would you say you have enjoyed the most?

I’ll always be a hard rock guy. I love to croon though. The Prog rock is a challenge and I just realized I don’t have a favorite.

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing your songs?

My subjects are usually half real and half fantasy. Born in Detroit is a culmination of my and Paul’s lives. But its usually the music first and lyrics second. Sometimes it’s the chords themselves that inspire the content.

Of all the songs that you have written, which are you most proud of personally? Why?

Oooh tough question. I really liked all the Pleezer writing. It was a fun time and I was exploding with melodic ideas. Paul and I just “got” each other. “Dark Desire” and “Worlds Apart” are my first non-collaborative releases but I think “Its Christmas” may be the winner in this question.

29830_4445994435429_1486390524_nWhat musicians have you looked up to the most over the years?

Easy… Steve Perry from Journey and Elton John.

Has there been one particular individual you have enjoyed performing with more than any other?

I still shade back to Paul Kramer on this one. We really have something unique. Life gets in our way but life always seems to bring us back around.

You have been a part of various bands throughout your carrier. What has been the major difference between each of those bands?

Well Pleezer was an 80’s hair band. House of Usher was Prog rock. Very artsy and orchestrated and Letrick was a dark alt rock thing. Minor keys and moody or hypnotic.

1000337_10151601277009067_1958163089_nFrom when you started, until now, how do you feel you have progressed as a musician?

Well I’ve matured immensely. I was a screaming out of range kid in Pleezer. I discovered my baritone in House of Usher but after studying with Don Lawrence I’ve released my full potential.

Where do you see yourself musically in 5 years? Are there any goals you have set for yourself?

I hope to be performing still. I’d like to see LetricKramer back on the road so to speak. So much left to accomplish there.

What do you consider to be the most memorable moment for you during your musical career?

It has to be Pleezer’s first live performance. Hart plaza opening for Cheap Trick! Wow! 1988390082_275696775813915_83581722_n

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to give to any aspiring musicians?

Yes. Study! Learn! No matter how great a musical talent you are, learn how to use your tools. Be ready if and when your break happens!


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