Cobo Center’s Grand Ballroom is looking to get a lot more grand!!


Cobo Center’s Grand Ballroom is looking to get a lot more grand! Local artist Hubert Massey as been tapped to paint a giant mural depicting much of Detroit’s iconic soul.

More from the Detroit Free Press article:

As blank canvases go, the sweeping vertical expanse outside the Grand Ballroom on the second floor of Cobo Center is a doozy.

Sometime during the next year, the prominent Detroit muralist Hubert Massey is scheduled to start filling the white space with a 30-foot by 30-foot painting depicting themes that burrow into the soul of Detroit — the auto industry, music, the influence of the Detroit River and international border visible through windows of the downtown convention and events center.

“After seeing the mural, people will walk away with a sense of history, the diversity and the richness of Detroit’s culture — 300 years,” said Massey, who works in the traditional fresco style of painting on wet plaster, the same technique used by Diego Rivera for his murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Massey’s planned mural reveals just how serious Cobo Center is getting about art.

To read the full Detroit Free Press article, click on the link below:

Detroit artist to depict city’s soul in huge Cobo mural

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