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Tis the season for a good scare. Just in time for Halloween, has put together a list of the 10 most haunted places in Detroit.

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Those looking for pre-Halloween ghost tours won’t have too much trouble circling through a number of Detroit haunts. The greater downtown area is packed with old buildings and, according to some, some equally old spirits.

The following list has been compiled by MLive based on the testimony of owners, workers, patrons and other tangential reports published within the last few years.

Once in a while, sources will drop small asides when speaking to a building’s history, or the folklore surrounding it, telling us that they or their visitors have seen and heard some unexplainable things.

Here’s a list of 10 particularly active haunts in Detroit:

  1. The Detroit Institute of Arts – According to those who work at the Detroit Institute of Arts, only one section of the massive Detroit art museum has any reported paranormal activity. In the African, Oceania and Indigenous Gallery, there’s a sculpture named “Nail Figure.” A DIA employee recently reaffirmed that workers have seen the figure moving — some say dancing — in the dark after hours. Unexplained noises and crashes have been reported after hours in the museum, too.
  2. Detroit’s Dossin ‘baby mansion’ at 450 Keelson — When we toured the 3,800-square-foot 1929 Spanish-style mansion in April it was colder inside than it was outside. Owner Kenneth Bresnan told us then that the temperature change was due to the boat well beneath the house, but he said the place is haunted, too. Bresnan told us that he’d had bad luck in the home since he bought it. While he didn’t directly attribute that to any purported ghosts, Bresnan said his home was haunted by the ghost of a German immigrant named Hans who bought the home from the Dossin family in 1942. Hans lived in the home until 1995, Bresnan said, and Hans’s ghost resides in the home, despite exorcisms that had been conducted in the house

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10 of the most haunted spots in Detroit

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