After years of decay, the Packard Plant is finally getting a new lease on life!!

packard plant

Courtesy of WXYZ

After years of decay and neglect, the old Packard Plant on Grand Boulevard is finally see the early stages of a long awaited renovation. Demolition crews began remove dangerous debris from the building with the intent to make the building safer for residents of the area, as well as for crews that will eventually be onsite to continue with renovation and redevelopment efforts.


“The whole thing takes time when you’re dealing with a project of this size,” said Smith.  “But, with our environmental studies. Phases One and Two and the asbestos abatement, we have a pretty clear indication of exactly what we need to do and we’re going to do it.”

Smith isn’t sharing many details, at least not yet. But over the next couple of weeks, she said activity will be focused on some immediate needs.

“What we’ll expect to see is a complete cleanup and remediation of all the environmental toxins, all the debris and the reinforced concrete pieces that are causing safety issues in the neighborhood,” said Smith.

For many years, the Packard Plant had been a dangerous playground for graffiti artists, scavengers and others eager to explore the site, despite the safety risks.  It is now the playground of a crane the size of Godzilla with jaws to match.

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Demolition and rehab begins at the Packard Plant in Detroit

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